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2030 Agenda

YOU will have nothing, but you will be happy

VOCÊ não terá nada, mas será feliz

‘You will have nothing and you will be happy’, but who will be the ‘unfortunate’ owners of everything?
World Economic Forum campaign is expected to become a reality in 2030 and promises happiness ‘for nothing’
The World Economic Forum, headquartered in Switzerland, calls itself a non-profit, impartial entity, without any partisan or national political interest, whose mission would be the “commitment to improving the State of the World”.

The Forum is funded by a thousand member companies that, to be part of this summit, must be global companies with more than US$ 5 billion in revenue (about R$ 26 billion) and be among the main ones within each branch of activity or from your country of origin.

In 2005, the annual contribution of each of these companies was the equivalent of approximately R$237,000, plus a fee of approximately R$100,000 to participate in the meeting in Davos. In addition, so-called strategic partners, such as banks and other financial institutions, were invited to make larger contributions, which could reach almost R$ 3 million each.

If we consider only contributions from regular member companies, plus meeting fees and update the sum according to the INPC (National Consumer Price Index), the amount collected in 2005 alone would amount to almost R$ 1 billion today.

In short, the donation of all this money gives the thousand largest companies in the world — and the politicians and personalities invited — the right to be part of the elite that will determine the rules that the rest of the world will follow for its “improvement”.

In 2016, the Forum launched a campaign with eight predictions for the world in 2030. One of them was: “You will have nothing and you will be happy. Whatever you want, you will rent it and it will be delivered by drone”.

About this proposal, here are some considerations. Was this the deployment of predictive programming for people to trade the hassle of responsibility of ownership for the freedom of no-compromise experience? After all, the idea proposed by the Forum is to give us the “freedom” to ask for whatever we want and “someone” will make us happy by delivering everything to our doorsteps, by drone.

But what the elite of the future “masters of the world” did not explain is that “our houses”, in fact, will be theirs, as we will have nothing. Nor did they say that they will send us what “they want” (because everything is theirs), not what we want. And that these drones will also be theirs, triggered by applications that will also be created, updated and commanded 100% by them.

Is it absolute control that this elite is preparing to buy with all its money and influence? Could it be that they are so detached from their own interests and are they really concerned about the population, even though they haven’t given a voice even once to the common people who really are part of the population that they want so much to make happy?

Or are these “anti-democratic” questions or pure conspiracy theory? Are we really lucky to have a group of mega-billionaires willing to be the unfortunate owners of everything, so that we, the common population, have all this happiness for nothing?

That’s what we’ll know in just seven years. Or less.


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