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Lula government

The traitors of the Fatherland behind the Brazilian Federal Court (STF)

Os traidores da Pátria por trás do STF

Pedro Abramovay, director of the Open Society of George Soros in Brazil and Mônica Valente, executive secretary of the Foro de SP. Both are on the Lula government’s transition team and pose a threat to Brazil’s sovereignty.

These two narco-terrorists are behind the STF, the 2030 Agenda in Brazil and also behind electoral fraud.

Pedro Abramovay is the bridge between the Rockffeller family, the Ford Foundation and the Jacob Rothschilds, financiers of the New World Order and the coup in Brazil and also main stakeholders in the usurpation and exploitation of the Amazon.

Mônica Valente is the bridge between narco guerrillas, drug trafficking, dictatorships, FARC, terrorist groups, armies of Cuban mercenaries and, above all, the main driving force in a military mobilization against a possible attempt by Bolsonaro to challenge the elections.

Bolsonaro just hasn’t acted yet because of threats of invasion of Brazil articulated by these two traitors of the country.


Monica Valente is the executive secretary of the Foro de São Paulo / CEN-PT. The communist is a psychologist and was president of the Union of Public Health Workers in the State of São Paulo (Sindsaúde-SP) and vice-president of the Central Única dos Trabalhadores (CUT). Between 2001 and 2002 she was chief of staff for the PT city hall of Marta Suplicy in the city of São Paulo and, between 2002 and 2004, secretary of Administration and Public Management. She also acted as a Legislative technical advisor in the area of ​​Health in the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo.

Mônica Valente is also in the transitional government of the PT in the articulation of asset confiscations, confiscation of money from the population, expropriation and expropriation of companies and private assets. The petista works intensely for the integration of Patria Grande. Among other crimes, the petista articulates a coup against sovereignty, with the delivery of the Amazon for foreign exploitation.

Bolsonaro is using the weapons he has. It is being precise in its decisions and acts strategically and surgically in the implementation of actions that not only combat the Open Society and the Foro de SP, but also that minimize damage to the population in the event of an enemy reaction, a reaction that will have as a starting point match, the Open Society and the Forum of SP.

It is a hybrid war, having the SP Forum, the narcoguerrilla, the media, the press, the Open Society, the STF, TSE, leftist parties, social movements, drug trafficking, the Judiciary, OAB, revolutionary student movements, prison inmates, State bodies equipped by the left, trade unions, international bankers, secret sects, foreign groups interested in the Amazon and above all, bordering countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, as well as the United States, England and France, as enemies. It is a complex war, involving many political and military strategies.

Demanding Bolsonaro an attitude is easy for cowards who don’t measure what’s at stake. They do not measure the consequences and want everything resolved immediately. They do not measure the possibility of the country going to war, of bloodshed and death in the streets, of us going through extreme difficulties, invasions, looting and violence.

However, it is good to remember that this whole problem could have been avoided if these same cowards who today demand an attitude from Bolsonaro and also from the military, had surrounded the Three Powers and attacked the country’s traitors to overthrow the Illegitimate State. The people are sovereign, but they are cowardly and accommodating.

All this military movement that we have been witnessing has a cost. Lives are at stake, the country’s sovereignty is at stake, our freedom is at stake.

If they don’t want to fight and intend to continue on their knees, begging for a reaction from the Armed Forces, then they will have to be patient. You will have to stop wanting everything to happen yesterday. Bolsonaro is alone, he always has been. None of his supporters gave him support when he needed it, as they always threw the responsibility for an action against organized crime on his back.

If you don’t want to take any action to overthrow the State, at least don’t get in the way.

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