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The miserable Brazilian Armed Forces

The Brazilian Armed Forces suffered the biggest and most devastating defeat in its history, without war, without battle or even a simple skirmish. They were utterly, literally defeated in every possible and imaginable way.

The most scandalous example is the Army, where some generals carried out institutional sabotage that dangerously caught the attention of even other countries. Strategists around the world are trying to understand how a force of 360,000 soldiers, commanded by 150 generals, was shamefully FINISHED by 11 Supreme Ministers and a thief chief of a criminal faction.

The command of the army managed, through prevarication, cowardice and complicity in the face of a flagrant electoral crime followed by a coup d’état, to betray the country and 90% of Brazilian citizens who are honest and who have always had love and respect for the military institution.

For reasons that will not remain hidden under the red carpet for long, some generals, speaking and acting as the sole representatives of the Armed Forces, chose to support the PACIFIC ROUTE coup for the seizure of power by a criminal organization. With this cowardly attitude, a minority portion of the Brazilian population, which has always had hatred and contempt for the military, was favored.

The mathematics of the loss of honor and dignity of generals is quite simple. Added to the betrayed 90% of patriotic Brazilians, with the favored 10% of Brazilians from the rotten band, the army achieved the feat of losing the support of 100% of the Brazilian population in 24 hours. Currently, the E.B has the repulsion and hatred of the entire Nation.

The history of humanity is full of examples of the terrible consequences of actions and omissions like these, carried out by the generals of Brazil.

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