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The half guilt that the right refuses to do

A mea-culpa que a direita se recusa a fazer

If conservatives, at all levels and levels, had treated communists in the same way as communists treat conservatives, would we not now be under the paws of a misgovernment that is not only banditry, but also frankly hostile and active against anything that has the smell of of honesty and freedom.

Note that this is not an individual fault, but a collective one, although I know perfectly well that responsibility must always be individual. However, there was a collective feeling among conservatives that there was a magic card up their sleeve, which would be laid on the table in due course. In the name of this magic card, any realistic and effective action against the communists became impossible: “Calm down, wait for the magic card”.

Today, even the most foolish of conservatives knows that such a charter never existed, and that the truth has always been this: Conservatives had the sword of justice in one hand and the Constitution in the other, and they laid the sword to the corner and sat on top of it. of the Constitution, underestimating the resilience and reputational capacity of the communists. In other words, they missed a unique opportunity. The communists, on the other hand, threw the Constitution in the trash and now brandish and bring down the sword of Stalinist injustice without pity and without fear of being happy.
What revenge.

Evidence that this sword is brandishing is the honest minority in Congress who do not express themselves clearly for FEAR of being fined and/or arrested, in addition to losing their social networks; and the sad fact that our president is in exile, also afraid to return; and that he will only return after being assured that the Stalinist government will not handcuff him. And there are the prisoners from January 8; civil disarmament; the return of the bags of money; the return of the schemes with the socialist dictatorships, etc etc and etc.

These reflections are not admissions of total defeat, but fruits of the conviction that without an exact diagnosis of the childhood illness that afflicts conservatives in all times and places, there will be no possibility of authentic and lasting victories.

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