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The 4 years of Ministry of Infrastructure, in the Bolsonaro government

Os 4 anos de Ministério da Infraestrutura, no governo Bolsonaro (abaixo, botão para traduzir conteúdo)

In 4 years, the Ministry of Infrastructure (Minister Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas), completed 364 works across the country. This means solving logistical bottlenecks, building bridges, and more development and employment.

All interventions represent more than R$ 20 billion in investments and the largest number of deliveries was on the highways, with 262 completed works. Among them, the emblematic paving of the BR-163/PA and the construction of the Abunã bridge, which ensured the integration between Rondônia and Acre. In all, 6,400 km of federal highways were paved, duplicated and restored.

The railway modal has grown again! In addition to important concessions, ProTrilhos was the highlight. There are already 32 authorized railway projects. Together, they can result in the implementation of 11,000 km of new rails and almost BRL 150 billion in investments.

And several advances for the future are guaranteed. After all, 100 assets were granted and R$ 117 billion in contract investments.
. 49 airports
. 36 port leases +1 privatization
. 7 highways
. 7 railways

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