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Re-election of Rodrigo Pacheco as President of the Senate 2023

Rodrigo Pacheco’s re-election, or rather his continuation as President of the Senate, is yet another proof that the corrupt System of power rules Brazil and that until 2026 there is no possibility of facing the “System”, of changing the National Congress and impeach Alexandre de Moraes and the other evil geniuses of the STF!

Now, if the “System” rigged the result of the election for the Presidency of the Republic, it was obvious that the “System” would also continue with its representative in the Presidency of the Senate!

Brazil is on a very dangerous path like Venezuela and Argentina, where the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary Powers are confused in a single Power, which is “Corrupt System”, in which euphemisms called “institutional dialogue” and “defense of democracy”, whose real meaning is a political regime without freedom of demonstration and assembly of the people, which corresponds to being a country in which there is no freedom of opposition by the people and where the true will of the majority of the people is not respected or taken into account consideration!

Poor Brazil and poor us patriots!


Brazil is not for amateurs

1. Pacheco’s group takes all command positions in the Senate
The result reinforces the dominance of the current summit and the articulation of Senator Davi Alcolumbre, godfather of the President of the Senate and main electoral supporter of the election

2. Recriação da FUNASA entrou no pacote pra reeleger Pacheco
One of the promises, exchange of favors (buying votes?) from the Planalto Palace for senators to help elect Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) to another term in the Alta House was to recreate the National Health Foundation. On January 2, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) had issued a provisional measure that extinguished Funasa.

3. “Pacheco’s re-election was a lesson for Brazilians about betrayal”, detonates journalist

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