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Process for employment prohibits the participation of heterosexuals

Preconceito: Processo seletivo de e veta participação de héteros

The Court of Justice of Bahia (TJ-BA) opened a selection process for a paid internship that excludes straight people.

According to the document, published on January 17, the selection is restricted to candidates who declare themselves LGBT+ at the time of registration. “There will be no hiring, under any circumstances, of heterosexual cisgender people“, emphasizes the public notice.

The selection process for an internship that excludes heterosexuals also establishes a priority scale for vacancies, based on gender, sexual orientation, color and “recognition of the highest degree of negative social discrimination” of the LGBT+ population.

First, trans and non-binary people, preferably black, will be privileged. Then open gays and lesbians.

The full veto of heterosexuals and the different quotas established for LGBT+ candidates were attributed, according to the provisions set out in the selection, “to the set of affirmative measures aimed at promoting gender diversity and sexual orientation within the scope of the Judiciary of Bahia”.

The announcement was opened by the Auxiliary Law Judge of the 12th Consumer Relations Court, Mário Soares Caymmi Gomes. The paid internship will last for 12 (twelve) months, renewable once for the same period.

After the repercussions, the TJ-BA internal affairs department suspended the process.


“It is interesting that in such a serious case of prejudice, like this one, nobody talks about lawsuits and prisons “Rede Social

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