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Open Letter to a communist general, traitor to the homeland Brazil

TOMÁS MIGUEL RIBEIRO PAIVA - Recently appointed Commander of the Army.


I never imagined seeing Brazil in such a deplorable, demoralized, sordid situation, after having served in the Army for twenty years, of which ten of them in the DOI-CODI of the then Third Army, that old Army that, little by little, was being corroded by an intemperate generation, totally averse to that enlightened and unbreakable forge, fed – over the centuries – by a prolific temper of Arms conductors, true GENERAL, who founded an INSTITUTION inseparable from Brazilianness and civil citizenship, even because, the ARMY BRAZILIAN has always been and always will be a part of the PEOPLE IN ARMS, and, as such, the Nation has never failed in its decisive moments!

With this preamble, I begin this missive that is addressed to you by name, as the Army is the main weapon of our FFAA, mainly because I come from it and have a profound knowledge of it. However, its content, in the same way or terms, extends to the other Commands (Air Force and War Navy), as well as to all Force commanders who BETRAYED the Brazilian people and/or OMITTED themselves from acting in the sense of, once again, as in 1935 and 1964, they saved Brazil from communism, now hand in hand with the most spurious political-institutional banditry ever seen in our history.

A few days ago I had the misfortune of hearing him rant in front of a microphone; in less than 30 seconds I was able to draw a complete picture of his intellectual smallness. Let’s see: you – in a very Hugo Chaves-style excitement – suggested that “The result of the polls had to be respected”… Then, you asserted: “We will continue to defend Democracy”… And, further on: “It doesn’t matter who is in charge, we will accomplish the mission in the same way”!!

First of all, who told you that the polls’ results were CORRECT or INTEGRAL? By chance, you weren’t aware, didn’t hear, didn’t read, didn’t participate in the numerous debates, expertise and conclusions that the elections were grossly FRAUDED, including the scathing questioning of the FFAA, by its Minister of Defense, and the consequent NEGATIVE of the TSE to provide the PENDRIVE-KEY to investigate such an offense?

Second, where did you learn something about “Democracy”? Well, from what I read on your résumé, you joined the Army when you were very young, and you didn’t leave it; never held a public, elective or private office; so tell me where you learned about Democracy; if it was in the Army (and it could only have been in the Army), then, at least specify when and where you saw – in a Military Unit – someone suggesting or practicing Democracy, such as a soldier questioning the sergeant, a sergeant contesting the lieutenant, a captain imposing strategy or discussing orders given by the colonel? Well, every time I hear a military man talk about Democracy, I who have been and still am a lawyer for over 30 years, such ignorance shudders! Do you, by any chance, remember that Rule that must have been taught to you when you were still a student at the Preparatory School: “In the Army, those who can rule, and those who have sense obey obey”? Do not remember?

On the other hand, which Democracy, in your words, does the Army want to continue to defend?
IS THIS – which he is already defending – since the collusion of TRAITORS, led by a general “Watermelon” when he secretly met with the infamous Minister of the Supreme Court Gilmar Mendes, with the aim of establishing in Brazil the DICTATORSHIP OF THE JUDICIARY? THIS, with the dictatorship already in place, in which Minister Alexandre de Moraes, on several occasions, subjected 4-star generals to give testimony to the Federal Police?
ESTA, that this same “Capa Preta”, tearing up the Federal Constitution in a systematic and continuous way, determines the search and seizure of assets, arrest of suspects, including federal deputies, blocking of bank accounts, all without due process of law, totally at the expense of shiver of the Criminal Law, trampling on the PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE, the stony principle of our LAW?
THIS ONE, in which now, recently, this CRAP and DISGUSTING DICTATOR, putting everything and everyone under his oppressive paws, has created his own CONCENTRATION FIELD, isolating children, women, the elderly, all under the cloak of “TERRORIST ACTIONS” which, according to HIM , were practiced by the “coupists”, also called “BOLSONARISTAS”, when, in fact, these acts (which we repudiate) were the works of a very well-elaborated plan, elements of the left infiltrating among the peaceful and orderly population that was in front of the Army Headquarters, in Brasilia, this since the end of the Elections, in October 2023, a fact that caused the DISMISSAL OF THE COMMANDER OF THE ARMY that preceded him, simply for arguing before the CONDEMNED-CHIEF that those protesters -exclusively contrary to the result of the URNS – the authors of the destructions that occurred?
ESTA, in which the Minister of the Supreme Court Rosa Weber, in a decisive vote, gives the majority so as not to apply prison terms to those convicted in Second Instance, all with the aim of giving freedom to the ex-president THIEF?
THIS, certainly the most absurd of all: in which Minister Edson Fachin, of the same STF, monocratically, determines Lula’s release for having CANCELLED HIS CONDENATIONS? IS THIS, in which the TSE admits Lula as a presidential candidate without presenting NEGATIVE CRIMINAL RECORDS, essential for such a position, “IGNORING” the Clean Record Law?

As can be seen, his unpreparedness (or his two-faced personality, one green, the other red) fell like a glove for the ILLITERATE, but singularly MALICIOUS, CRIMINAL, LIAR and NAUGHTY PRESIDENT LUÍS INÁCIO LULA DA SILVA – head of the GANG- MATRIZ – to use him as a BOI IN FARDADO, submitting him to CANGA and AJOUJO, considering him as a FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENT of the CONNIVING GANG! It follows from this and justifies his sayings: “It doesn’t matter who is in charge”…

So, it doesn’t matter to you if the President is a NAZIST? Is Nazism a crime? Surely you would refuse to salute and obey a COMMAND that used the swastika as a symbol, isn’t that right? After all, our Pracinhas went to Italy to fight against Nazi-fascism, and many of them gave their lives for FREEDOM, against oppression and the practice of unspeakable crimes!

So, why are you – now – embracing one of the biggest criminals in Brazil, in a SHAMEFUL way, BECOME to crime, perfidy, open robbery (known and recognized worldwide), and, worse, to a LEFT COMMANDER, one of the founders and unconditional supporters of FORO DE SÃO PAULO, whose goal is to unite LATIN AMERICA IN ONE GREAT SOCIALIST HOMELAND? (read: NARCO-SOCIALIST). In this context, what would be the difference in you being the right arm, the trusted man of a Criminal Organization of drug traffickers like Comando Vermelho? After all, “it doesn’t matter who’s in charge”… Because, in fact, Organized Crime is the one in charge in Brazil, mainly in the hills or outskirts of our big cities, and even inside the so-called MAXIMUM SECURITY prisons, all in front of the complacent and INERT eyes of those whose main MISSION is to maintain the security and sovereignty of our territory!

Am I missing the truth?

Why, you know very well that I am not! It is the purest, naked and raw TRUTH, this because, in the position or position in which you find yourself, you cannot ignore that in the PT governments of Lula and Dilma, more than 30 billion reais from the BNDES were given to Angola , Argentina, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, in addition to the billions in non-refundable funds obtained for the construction of the PORT OF MARIEL, in Cuba, while here in Brazil thousands were dying of hunger, without drinking water and without sewage!

You know perfectly well that your SUPREME COMMANDER was sentenced in Second Instance (and also in Third Instance, by the STJ, in the case of Sítio de Atibaia) in Lava-Jato, to serving more than 20 years in prison, both due to bribery and diversion of funds for their own benefit, in addition to obstruction of justice. In addition, its COMMANDER still responds to seven other lawsuits in court. These actions refer to the denouncement of corruption, money laundering, criminal organization, influence peddling, among other crimes, all originating from the Lava-Jato and Zelotes operations.

For all that, you – traitors to the Homeland and the Brazilian People – at least the overwhelming majority of the patriotic, serious, hard-working, tax-paying people, ended up SWALLOWING the most nefarious bunch born here and fed by the INVERSION OF VALUES, giving shelter to the rigging of the State by the always hated, fought and defeated LEFT, thus allowing, certainly through the Gramscist Theory, the encompassing of Total Power, sweeping from the HISTORY of HONOR the Old Army of CAXIAS, valiant and always STRENGTH of DIGNITY, STABILITY, TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY and the SOVEREIGNTY OF BRAZIL!

I’m not a Bolsonarist. Never been. I voted for him for just one reason: he was the only cartridge we had against the PT! At this point I open a parenthesis: (I have never followed this or that political “leader”, I have never joined any party acronym; my fight has always been ideological, against the left, against this EVIL that threatens us and puts us under constant pressure, and that, THANKS the OLD ARMY, at least until the end of the Military Regime, never had the flavor of enslaving our people!) I continue: I recognize that Bolsonaro made many mistakes, even crass mistakes, this because he was not a Statesman, but, apart from that, he recovered his hope and aroused the patriotism of millions of people, promoted a true revolution in our infrastructure, completely abandoned, as was the case with the completion of the water channeling work on the São Francisco River, construction and/or recovery of roads, then impassable, and also boosting our railway lines, without forgetting to renew and provide the FFAA with modern equipment, to the point that we are currently at a military advantage in Latin America. at. In addition, Petrobras, which almost went bankrupt in the PT government, now has billionaire profits.

And there is no news that he, personally, has illicitly enjoyed himself through the Treasury or any other spurious transaction, by way of bribes.

All this in a government in which countless misfortunes occurred in Brazil and in the world, with emphasis on the Pandemic, and the rabid and vindictive left never gave him a truce, starting with that barbaric aggression of a knife, even as a candidate, and he, Bolsonaro, far from being a man looking for revenge, handed over his government without that crime being clarified, when we know that, as President – if he were a dictator – he would squeeze the cause of the damage until he reached his constituents!

He governed Brazil without leaving, at any time, the Constitutional rules. But when, irrevocably and crystalline, the fraudulent result of the ELECTRONIC POLLING POINTS floated, which gave victory to the well-known, recognized and hated ex-convict, THIEF and COMMUNIST, Bolsonaro came, then – without departing from the text of the Magna Carta, – to invoke the art. 142, this to give that CLAIM the necessary transparency, in order to make the World understand Brazil in the direction of serious Countries, or democracies consistent with legality and morality!

However, at the “H” moment, to the President’s dismay, his Army commander – FREIRE GOMES – denied him the stirrup, under the cowardly argument that “It wasn’t worth 20 days of glory to have 20 years of trouble after ”

Honestly, if I were the President, this DISGUSTING TRAITOR would walk out of the room – dead – with a bludger in the middle of his forehead!

But Bolsonaro doesn’t have the blood for that; he never was and never will be a man of war! In fact, he spent his four years in government not even knowing whether his generals were loyal to him; without – at least – having at your disposal a properly equipped Infantry Battalion, there, close to his residence, ready for any mission, so you don’t have to drink water in anyone’s ear!

Because it wouldn’t take more than 01 (one) Infantry Battalion, or even a Cavalry Squadron to do what had to be done: close the STF, arrest all that bunch of vultures that didn’t have and still don’t have the slightest respect for LAW, ORDER, FREEDOM and/or INDEPENDENCE OF THE THREE POWERS, subjecting the Brazilian people to a true jurisdictional TERRORISM, and saying that that IMPOSTER and COWARD – GOMES FREIRE – who passed by sucking the NATION through his salaries and per diems, he didn’t move a straw to fulfill his Constitutional mission, on the contrary, he URINED BACKWARDS, as they say in CASERNA! Here comes the question and many of the sayings and images that currently travel through SOCIAL NETWORKS, by brave and honest people, however, totally dissatisfied and revolted: “WHY ARMED FORCES? Billionaire expenses that come out of the sweat of the people to equip and maintain more than 300 thousand men in arms and equipment, planes, armored vehicles, vehicles and ships of all kinds, all this to DO NOTHING, afraid of SEEING BLOOD, and that being so , prefer to SUBMIT TO A DOZEN OF SAFADES, and still proclaim publicly: STRONG ARM, HELPFUL HAND, sporting a JAguar, a valuable animal of our Forests, as a SYMBOL, a symbol that, after that EMBARRASSING CHANNEL, became the image of a TRAÍRA, with the words: STRONG TEETH FOR FRIENDS”!

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CIRCUS! This, then, is the NEW ARMY, in my understanding!

This NEW ARMY began its gestation in the mind and in the actions of those demagogues and/or leftists and no less corrupt who gave rise to the so-called NEW REPÚBLICA, beginning this pregnancy through a national mobilization to denigrate the image of the FFAA, in spite of AMNESTY – BROAD, GENERAL AND UNRESTRICTED (one of the biggest mistakes in our history), granted by General-President João Baptista Figueiredo.

Immediately, it was a matter of making the “CITIZEN CONSTITUTION”, an EMOTIONAL and UTOPIAN booklet, which did not resist time itself, and is currently filled with Amendments, which nothing, absolutely nothing contributed to our political-economic development, much less to the social peace; this is so true, that the SUPREME MANDATORY OF BRAZIL – Minister Alexandre de Moraes – has been continuously and systematically tearing it to pieces, as if it were a rough roll of toilet paper!

Not happy with the AMNESTY, the left came to press COMPENSATION FOR POLITICAL PERSECUTION, a fact that corroborates my position in the sense that – to give AMNESTY to a communist or a terrorist – is to put the venomous snake in your own pocket!

Thus, hundreds and hundreds of Reds were compensated and/or awarded large pensions, such as Fernando Henrique Cardoso, José Serra, Dilma Rousseff and, obviously, LULA DA SILVA! There was the first SCRAP OF SAFETY from the Public Treasury, and the NEW ARMY remained SILENT, limiting itself to nominating a general to accompany the Truth Commission!

And again the NEW ARMY was silent when LULA, in collusion with EVO MORALES, extended to Bolivia the possession of our Gas Refineries, and in May 2006, the communist Army of EVO took everything that was ours, WITHOUT ANY REACTION on the part of our “brave VOs”, already in advanced metamorphosis to “WATERMELONS”!

And you, in your statement, say loud and clear: “THE ARMY IS AND MUST BE APOLITIC”, in an incipient contradiction in the sense that the ARMY MUST FULFILL ITS CONSTITUTIONAL MISSION, and, in this scope, in no way, for any reason it is up to the ARMY to inertia or passivity in the face of the dynamics of public life, especially when this dynamic affects the entire NATION, that is, the PEOPLE, it is only the PEOPLE that make up the ARMY and the NATION, one being dependent on the other, and , therefore, that LOYALTY must be INDISSOLUBLE, IRRENUNCIABLE and UNCONDITIONAL, otherwise we would have two NATIONS in the same TERRITORY!

Meanwhile, from what I have observed, heard or personally spoken with several Active and Reserve comrades, ALL IS NOT LOST! The Old Army – that of honor, pride, perennial values, fearless courage, true LOVE FOR BRAZIL still EXISTS or fights to continue EXISTING. And what do they say? Just one word: SHAME!

I doubt that you, from now on, when visiting any Military Establishment, will be at ease with your peers or subordinates. If you have a little sensitivity or if you are well informed, you will perceive, at first glance, this SHAME, this REVOLT, this FLUSH on the faces of true soldiers, despite the silence, most of the time, to camouflage such a feeling!

You lost credibility and respect just as you thought you had them!

You remind me of an old story, the story of that teenager who, having visited the Red Light Zone for the first time, not resisting his newly blossomed urges, threw himself – avid and hungry – at the first “lady” he came across!

He felt the pleasure in a unique way, never before imagined; however, less than a week later, he was roaring with pain when urinating, not even knowing that he had become a carrier of gonorrhea!

TOMÁS MIGUEL RIBEIRO PAIVA, you may have noticed that at no point in this Letter did I call you GENERAL.

I EXPLAIN: it would be inconsistent with myself, as I am a product of the OLD ARMY, to name him or compare him with those OLD GENERALS, true Generals with whom I lived or provided subordination.

I mention the names of some of them: General Breno Borges Fortes, then commander of the III Army when I was in the CFS, in 1971; With him in charge, we prepared the so-called OPERATION CHARRUA, or 30 HOURS, with the aim of invading Uruguay if the elections were favorable to the Tupamaros, which did not happen.

General Antônio Bandeira, commanded the Third Army from 1979 to 1981. I had constant contact with this General, as he often visited the DOI-CODI, an organization for which he was very careful and had great affection; he had a real aversion to communists, as did I; short in stature, not very talkative, however, he was one of the bravest and most loyal bosses of the many I had the pleasure of knowing and working with during my time at Ativa.

General Walter Pires de Carvalho e Albuquerque, with whom I had no personal contact, but my admiration for his courage, fearlessness and loyalty to General-President Figueiredo made me insert in my book BRASIL: SEMPER a phrase of his authorship, immortalized as a symbol of a golden age of the Old Army: “We will always be in solidarity with those who, at the time of aggression and adversity, fulfilled the hard duty of opposing agitators and terrorists, weapons in hand, so that the Nation would not be taken to anarchy”.

Today, in the INVERSION OF VALUES OF THE NEW ARMY, specifically by the TOP LEVEL, this sentence contains the following analogy: “We will always be INERT or OMISSION when crime, anarchy and dictatorship are installed against the Nation, and we will stab anyone who to try against the course of that course”

I hope that you read this Letter, properly seated in your command chair, and have, at least, the humility to correct the azimuth that is leading you down this dark and disastrous path, which has so revolted that great majority that constitutes the good, peaceful, correct and patriotic Brazilian people!

I subscribe,

Marco Pollo Giordani
Lawyer and writer.








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