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Most Valuable Social Media Brands of 2023

TikTok dethroned Facebook to become the most valuable social media brand in the world in 2023. While the Facebook brand lost 42% in value over the past year, the TikTok brand saw its value grow by 11.4%, reaching US $65.7 billion. In 2022, the Chinese social network had already been classified as “the fastest growing brand in the world” after registering a 215% increase in brand value from 2021 to 2022.

TikTok moved from 18th place in 2022 in the global ranking to 10th place in 2023, while Facebook, which was in 7th place in 2022, now occupies 14th place.

As for Brazilian brands, this year there were two innovations in the ranking:
Bradesco, at position 464
Banco do Brasil, at position 481

The brand of the two banks joins Itaú, which was already in the ranking in other editions, Itaú moved from 335th place in 2022 to 242nd in 2023, remaining the most valuable brand in Latin America.

Note: Brand value is not the company’s market value.

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