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Lula government

List of Scandals: PT the most corrupt government on the planet

The PT era in the presidency of the Republic ended with a record: every month at least one new scandal was reported in the mainstream media.

That the PT governments were the most corrupt in the history of Brazil (and the world) everyone knows. A survey released in December by the Data Veritas institute revealed that 86% of Brazilians believe that the Lula government was corrupt. In an article published in 2017, IstoÉ magazine classified the PT as “a crime syndicate” and Lula and Dilma as “gang leaders”, in reference to PT leaders who were on Odebrecht’s bribery list.

Let’s remember the main corruption scandals of the corrupt era of the PT governments of Lula and Dilma, which, for the good of Brazil, ended in 2016. All information used in this article was widely disseminated by the national press.

(Please understand that all text was created by automatic translation by Google, and there may be errors in the translation. Click on the button below your screen “Portuguese”, to access the original text.)

Sending illegal money to tax havens and Banestado CPI

The first signs of widespread corruption in Lula’s government appeared in the first six months of his term. In June 2003, the Banestado CPI was installed in the Chamber to investigate the illegal sending of money to tax havens. At the time, PT deputy José Mentor was accused of sabotaging the CPI to protect members of the PT government.

Misappropriation of Transport Money involving PT Minister Anderson Adauto

Also in June 2003, the corruption scheme in the DNIT (National Department of Infrastructure and Transport) with the diversion of R$ 32.3 million in resources destined for the construction of roads came to light. The target of the denunciations was the Minister of Transport, Anderson Adauto. A report released by the Comptroller General of the Union listed 66 irregularities in 17 ministry contracts involving BRL 5.1 billion.

Waldomiro Diniz’s bribe request

The first major corruption scandal in the Lula government came to light just over a year after the PT’s inauguration. In 2004, Waldomiro Diniz, then advisor to the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic, was filmed by Carlinhos Cachoeira charging bribes for PT election campaigns. Diniz was sentenced by the state court of Rio de Janeiro to 12 years in prison and a fine for passive and active corruption.

Robbery at the Post Office explodes in the press

In 2005, Maurício Marinho was filmed negotiating bribes with an alleged businessman. The episode brought to light a scheme that raffled the command of Brazilian state-owned companies to the interest of politicians and parties from the base of the Lula government in Congress. Victim of looting for years, the Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company suffered losses and only returned to profit after the withdrawal of the PT from power.

The bags of money from the Mensalão scandal

Still in 2005, Roberto Jefferson denounced one of the biggest corruption scandals in the history of Brazil, the Mensalão. The scheme consisted of buying parliamentarians with money diverted from state and public bodies. In this way, the Lula Government approved projects that enabled more diversion of resources into pockets and campaign funds, favoring the perpetuation of the PT in power. The scandal resulted in Penal Action 470, judged by the STF, which led to the arrest of major PT figures at the time. José Dirceu, then Lula’s Chief of Staff, was arrested and convicted of being appointed as head of the criminal scheme.

The forged Dossiers of the PT’s “Aloprados” against political opponents

In 2006, two PT members were arrested by the Federal Police when trying to negotiate forged dossiers against José Serra and Geraldo Alckmin. The dossier linked the toucans to the Sanguessugas mafia, which embezzled money from Saúde during the FHC governments. Used to destroy reputations, the PT’s fake dossier factory was famous in Brasilia and can be recognized as the “mother” of all fake news. One of the ‘nuts’, a term used by Lula, was Hamilton Lacerda (photo), former adviser to Aloizio Mercadante, a PT candidate who would directly benefit from the scheme.

The fall of Palocci and the PT’s request for bribes in Ribeirão Preto

In March 2006, it was the turn of Lula’s superminister, Antônio Palocci, to make headlines with a corruption scandal. According to the press, Palocci would have headed a corruption scheme at the time he was mayor of Ribeirão Preto. Palocci allegedly charged “allowances” of up to R$ 50,000 a month from companies that provided services to the city hall destined for PT coffers to finance election campaigns and defraud democracy.

Petrolão and the diversion of billions of reais that almost broke Petrobras

None of the previous corruption schemes compared to Petrolão. According to award-winning investigations and accusations, corruption involved administrative members of the state-owned company Petrobras, politicians from the largest parties in Brazil, including presidents of the Republic, presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate and governors of states, as well as businessmen from large Brazilian companies. Petrobras contracts were overpriced and companies returned the proceeds of theft in the form of bribes, gifts to politicians and forged donations to PT election campaigns. The investigations resulted in the arrest of several members of the PT, including former President Lula, convicted of allegedly having received bribes in the form of a farm in Atibaia and an apartment in Guarujá.

List of Odebrecht kickbacks

Lava Jato investigations uncovered a “creative” list of nicknames used to identify politicians who received bribes from Odebrecht, one of the companies that earned the most during the Lula and Dilma governments. According to one of the operators on the list, nicknames were used so that loan officers would not know who the final beneficiaries of the fees paid were. Viagra, Barbie, Fodinha, Maçaranduba, Garanhão and Kibe are some of the nicknames found in Odebrecht spreadsheets. The complete list can be seen in this G1 article: https://g1.globo.com/politica/operacao-lava-jato/noticia/apelidos-de-politicos-na-odebrecht-quem-e-quem.ghtml

Arrest of PT senator Delcídio do Amaral and the revelation of plans against LavaJato

In 2000, PT Senator Delcídio Amaral, former leader of the Government and Dilma’s strongman in the Senate, was arrested. The politician was arrested in flagrante delicto while trying to buy the silence of the Oil whistleblower, Nestor Cerveró. Delcídio’s delation threw even more mud over Dilma and Lula in the Petrobras scandal and revealed that both acted to mess up Lava-Jato. In May 2016, he had his Senator’s term impeached by 74 votes in favor, one abstention, no votes against, making him ineligible for 11 years. On July 12, 2018, he was acquitted by the Federal Court and registered his candidacy for a vacancy in the Federal Senate for Mato Grosso do Sul on September 17, 2018. However, on October 7, he did not obtain the necessary votes to get elected.

The tax pedals and the crimes of responsibility that overthrew Dilma

In 2005, a unanimous opinion by the Federal Court of Auditors considered the accounting maneuvers practiced by President Dilma Rousseff to be illegal. The “pedaladas” served as the basis for the impeachment request that ended with the PT’s forcible withdrawal from power. The criminal practice of pedaling is, according to an article by the Estadão, the practice of deliberately delaying the transfer of money to banks and municipalities, in order to artificially improve federal accounts, in a kind of loan prohibited by law. Weakened by poor management and the PT’s history of corruption, Dilma was impeached in 2016.

source: The Debate On



Quick summary of SOME CASES:

Lula/Dilma Government Scandals:

2001 – Assassination of Toninho do PT

2002 – Assassination of Celso Daniel
2002 – Assassination of 2 people involved in the Celso Daniel case

2003 – Murder of 4 involved in the Celso Daniel case
2003 – NGO Rede 13 is extinguished after receiving R$7.5 million
2003 – Banestado
2003- Operation Anaconda

2004 – Case Waldomiro Diniz
2004 – Banpará
2004 – Case G Tech
2004 – Case GTech (Carlinhos Cachoeira)
2004 – Scandal of Bingos (Waldomiro Diniz)
2004 – 300 Provisional Measures by Lula
2004 – 3 of the BANCOOP board die (OAS and Triplex)

2005 – Postal Scandal
2005 – Mensalão scandal – R$200 million embezzled
2005 – Dollars in Underpants Scandal
2005 – Valerioduct
2005 – Murder of the coroner in the Celso Daniel case
2005 – Republic of Ribeirão (Antonio Palocci)
2005 – Cassation of Zé Dirceu
2005 – Gamecorp-Telemar Scandal – R$111million for Lulinha

2006 – Case of Francenildo dos Santos Costa (Antonio Palocci)
2006 – Scandal of the Pasadena Refinery (damage of BRL 3 BILLION)
2006 – Scandal of the Leeches
2006 – Scandal of the Aloprados
2006 – Corinthians Scandal – MSI
2006 – Allowances by Antônio Palocci)

2007 – Operation Razor
2007 – BNDES and ethanol in Mozambique
2007 – R$111.4 BILLION of CPMF diverted from health
2007 – Case Monica Veloso
2007 – Check from Gol
2007 – Case Schincariol
2007 – The Oranges of Alagoas
2007 – INSS coup

2008 – Case of Corporate Cards
2008 – Dossier against FHC and Ruth Cardoso (Dilma and Erenice Guerra)
2008 – Jirau Hydroelectric Plant – Auction fraud
2008 – Box 2 at the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Plant
2008 – Satiagraha case
2008 – Paulinhi da Força and BNDES

2009 – Secret Acts
2009 – Case of Lina Vieira (Dilma and Gabrielli)
2009 – Abreu e Lima Refinery – R$90 million in bribes
2009 – Bribes in the purchase of French submarines and helicopters
2009 – Automakers Scandal – Provisional Measure 471
2009 – Case Lina Vieira
2009 – DEM monthly allowance

2010 – Bancoop case
2010 – Scandal Novos Aloprados
2010 – Erenice Guerra in Influence Trading
2010 – R$1 million by Alberto Youssef in the Gleice Hoffmann campaign
2010 – BTG Pactual and the pre-salt rigs
2010 – Lula government spends R$88.2 million on corporate cards
2010 – Case Palocci Consultant

Dilma Government Scandals
2011 – Scandal at Min Transportes
2011 – Scandal in the Ministries of Agriculture and Transport
2011 – Scandal at Min Turismo
2011 – Scandal at Min Cidades
2011 – Scandal at Min. Sport
2011 – Scandal at Min. Work
2011 – Ethical Housekeeping in the Dilma Government

2012 – Cachoeira Case
2012 – Scandal at the Ministry of Fisheries (Ideli Salvatti)
2012 – Porto Seguro Operation (Rosemary Noronha)
2012 – Rosemary Noronha and Lula and the 25 million euros in Portugal
2012 – BNDES – Metallurgical Plant in Venezuela
2012 – PT leadership arrest

2013 – Start of Tax Pedals
2013 – BNDES – Highway in Ghana
2013 – Airport in Equatorial Guinea
2013 – Arlindo Chinaglia – BRL 1 BILLION in bid fraud
2013 – Dilma forgives US$ 900 million in debts of African DICTATORSHIPS
2013 – ISS Mafia

2014 – Operation Lava Jato
2014 – Assassination of Paulo Malhães – Truth Commission
2014 – BNDES – Porto Mariel in Cuba
2014 – Lava Jato – Expectation to recover BRL 40 BILLION
2014 – Overbilling of US$900 million on Gripen fighters

2015 – Prison of former PT treasurer
2015 – Former ANP director “falls” from the 11th floor
2015 – LFT Marketing and Touchdown case – R$12 million for Luleco

2016 – R$131 BILLION cuts in Health
2016 – Case Exergia – R$20 million for Taiguara dos Santos
2016 – Dilma’s fiscal responsibility crime
2016 – Assassination of Arthur Sendas (Pasadena Purchase)
2016 – PT marketer arrested
2016 – Delcídio Amaral arrested in flagrante delicto
2016 – Dilma government spends R$44.4 million on corporate cards
2016 – Proven complaints have already reached R$47 BILLION in PT deviations
2016 – BNDES – US$788 million in bribes in 12 countries

2018 – Assassination of Roberto do PT (File burning)
2018 – Lula Arrested – First of 8 lawsuits
2018 – Corruption at the Belo Monte dam
2018 – Scandal of research agencies in the Dilma Campaign
2018 – BNDES – Default from Venezuela, Cuba and Mozambique (international laundering)
2018 – COMPERJ – R$15 million in bribes for PT
2018 – Vice President of Equatorial Guinea arrives in Brazil with US$16.4 million
2018 – Deviations of R$140 million in the Pituba Tower works
2018 – Lulazord case
2018 – Deviation of R$126 million in the transposition works of the São Francisco River

2019 – Fernando Pimentel and CEMIG
2019 – André Esteves, Lula and Graça Foster at PetroAfrica
2019 – Operation Vegatomia – BRL 500 million in FIES fraud
2019 – Palocci’s Denunciation – R$270.5 million for the PT
2019 – R$1.1 million allowance for Frei Chico (Lula’s brother) – in Edealina
And a PEOPLE who cannot understand, or even care about the FACTS:

60 delations;
32 convictions;
80 million in bribes;
3 thousand pieces of evidence in the records;
5 to 0 in the STJ;
3 to 0 in TRF4;
1 to 0 in the criminal court, monthly allowance, petrolão, assault on penitentiary funds


Regardless of whether or not there was electoral fraud, know that MILLIONS of Brazilians voted, FOR THE 5TH TIME, for this infamous, immoral and illegal party (PT) – Workers’ Party, where no one works, only steals!…. This political party is supported by national and international media – all partners Social media


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