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Letter from a patriotic soldier to the Army High Command

Letter from a patriotic soldier to the Army High Command:

The Army High Command (ACE) today advertises that its members are cohesive… but there was no cohesion when its Supreme Commander, the president, consulted him (instead of enacting) measures that would have saved Democracy. By betraying him, even knowing that the election was wholly unconstitutional, even knowing that he was legally correct in contesting the electoral process, you did not seem “cohesive” and much less ethical. Neither the source code was released nor did the gentlemen seem so outraged. They seemed to want to get back to their comfortable realities as quickly as possible.
The Lords preferred to be silent and call it “political exemption” and to be cowards, calling themselves “morally superior” than at least half of the Brazilian population.

Their vanity was greater than their Institutional duty, because secretly, in their exquisite little meetings, they commented with disdain that “General cannot bow down to a Little Captain” isn’t that right???!

You weren’t even honest with the population by handing over the elderly and children who were camped out, doing what they could, asking the Armed Forces for help, in front of the barracks, after 72 days, as if they were “terrorists” – a bizarre narrative created by Globo in collusion with radical PTistas. These innocent people were delivered as if they weren’t even people, by order of the Generals to be taken to places without any structure, real concentration camps, where more than 400 are still imprisoned in Papuda without having done anything.

The ACE was not consistent with the Colonels, many of them going to the reserve after more than 3 decades of service, by punishing several of them, after signing the letter that had the purpose, not to confront them, but to warn them that something was not was doing well in the TROOP!
Many of you have forgotten, but the TROOP was also waiting for some word, some order, some satisfaction… but you think you are “gods” and see the TROOP as a mere tool or, worse, as a “term” used haphazardly, as its new bosses misrepresented the term “democracy”.

The Gentlemen, by the way, did not even remotely foster “cohesion” by handing over the heads of their subordinates, in a vile POLITICAL ACT, to a President thirsty for revenge, who, in addition to showing his smallness with such persecution, is monstrously criminal by linking up with murderous dictatorships and Brazilian criminal factions like the PCC, groups like the FARC and international terrorists.

The intellectual greatness of you must see as normal the fact that this Supreme Chief has been “discondemned”, in a legal and rhetorical maneuver without precedent in history. But you gentlemen, positivists, don’t get into the merits, do you?

You delivered Gen Ex Arruda, Gen Div Dutra – CMP, Cel Fernandes- BGP and TC Cid – BAC, in addition to others to come. But make no mistake: this will not appease the “thirst for revenge” of the usurpers of the Republic and, one day, whoever sells his soul to the Devil, one day, will have to pay the price of his Soul.

Finally, the troop’s disappointment at seeing the newly appointed EB Commander’s broad smile as he shook hands with a Tupiniquim gangster was what hurt the most. Well, yes, it symbolizes the total submission of the institution, through its commander.

The lack of leaders with character and morals in the Institution who represent the honor of the military is latent.
Make no mistake!

When you decide that Reserve Military must respond to the IPM, in record time (3 days), by criticizing and cursing them, you give the usurpers arguments to separate the reserve from the active, as if the military of yore nothing were valid and were vandals or, as Globo says every 5 minutes, “terrorists”.

Do you fear a judiciary dictator with a pen in his hand? Or will he respect his dozens of medals won for friendship and NONE for bravery or sacrifice?

The omission and cowardice of the gentlemen is worse than that of Rodrigo Pacheco, because the Gentlemen swore to the Flag and made the official commitment, but we saw that it was all a metaphor, right?

This is the ACE that asks for cohesion at this moment, as a form of self-protection. The Lords betrayed all of us from the Army of Caxias.

Cohesion occurs naturally, guided by honorable leaders and with good examples!

We don’t have that at the moment. Now, you are in your bubbles, inside other sycophants’ bubbles and you don’t realize how you are being seen by your subordinates.

The Lords have chosen to be watchdogs, who irrationally obey anyone who gives them food, rather than being the vigilant soldier who makes decisions that no one else could make, in the darkest moments of the worst crises.

They decided to believe that they will pass through the hell that unfolds in front of us unscathed.

Your decisions do not reflect the TROOP that many of the lords ignore and despise.

The Lords are not up to the troop they should represent.

They are alone.
Cohesion is just a METAPHOR!

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