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Law of Return: We cannot do evil expecting good

The Law of Return is precise. We cannot do evil expecting good… There are those who believe that they will get away with any negative act towards other people and the world. And how has! Otherwise, we wouldn’t see so many barbarities in the news, in our work, in the neighborhood and even inside the house.

These are people who cannot see a foot beyond their Machiavellian navel to understand that there are consequences for everything we do.

Just like kindness, evil is also a seed that we plant in the universe, which, sooner or later, will find the right vibration to germinate and make all that energy that we throw into the world flourish.

It can be like bamboo that takes years to emerge from the ground or like a beanstalk that sprouts from the earth after just a few days, bringing the repercussions of a previous planting.

An evil deed is a bubble of energy that takes a place in the air of existence and hovers through nature carried by the winds of destiny that, under the magnet of the law of attraction, returns to the point of origin, sometimes heavier, expanded and dark entering our organism in a natural inspiration of the lungs.

So, it lodges in our soul like a weed that takes our happiness, our positivity, adding torments to our daily lives, of which we are unable to understand the origin and link to that wrong attitude that we once had in the past.

And, many times, the consequence of the evil that we bring to the world can be visible to the eyes as people’s disaffection, lack of confidence, illness or loneliness, not to mention the daily stress of negative energy that is established in any path we take. we want to go through life.

Then everything goes wrong. The glass breaks, the food burns, the car breaks down or the traffic slows us down. We lose the cell phone, the promotion at work or the job and we get the flu, an allergy, the light burns out and our movie too.

We believe that we are having a bad day, but in fact, it is the negative energy in the form of a dark cloud around our head, spoiling everything around us.

It is time to stop and reflect on our behaviors and choices to become aware of our mistakes. Ask forgiveness from people, from God, from the universe, according to your belief, and for everything bad that we once did.

Pray for strength and resilience to become better people, increasingly away from attitudes against others and negative thoughts. Then the withered and dull flowers in the garden of our lives become colorful and fragrant.

Luck returns to our side, as well as good people. We get back on the path towards happiness by planting and reaping joy, we become available to love, we become more generous and we start a cycle of good events and problem solving, with the certainty that if we sow evil, we will never reap good.

Afinal quem trata as pessoas mal, não pode esperar ser bem tratado. Se trai, não deve contar com o afeto de quem feriu. Se mente, que saiba conviver com a desconfiança. Se for egoísta, é preciso se preparar para a solidão. E se agir mal, terá o retorno em acontecimentos que entristecem a alma, naturalmente. Sem planos nem vinganças, apenas com correr do tempo no universo.

E essa questão não é sobre ser uma pessoa boa ou não, mas sobre ser humano e ter a consciência de fazer as escolhas certas. Por que como diz a célebre frase de Buda:

“It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy, that seduces him into an evil way.”

A vida é como uma conta no banco: quanto mais o bem praticarmos no mundo, mais nossa conta é positiva. Quanto mais maldades, mais ela é negativa. E o saldo final é o que levamos para a eternidade.

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