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Italian politicians are accused of manslaughter during the pandemic

Italian politicians and scientific technical committee

In Italy, the Bergamo prosecutor, Antonio Chiappani , has concluded investigations into the management of the first wave of Covid-19. The list of defendants is long and includes: Giuseppe Conte (at the time Prime Minister), Roberto Speranza (former Minister of Health), Attilio Fontana (president of the Lombardy region), Giulio Gallera (former Minister of Social Security), Silvio Brusaferro (president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità), Agostino Miozzo (coordinator of the first Scientific Technical Committee), Angelo Borrelli (former head of Civil Protection) and Franco Locatelli(president of the Superior Council of Health) – in all 19 people investigated. Several key executives from the Ministry of Health are also under investigation, and today as defendants, some of them still hold government positions. (here)

Former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte , according to investigations by prosecutors, was accused of aggravated homicide and multiple homicide. As for former health minister Roberto Speranza – aggravated homicide, multiple homicide and refusal of official documents – the transmission of Conte and Speranza ‘s documents are being prepared for the Court of Ministers.

The investigation that lasted 3 years (here), was conducted by a group of magistrates led by Deputy Public Prosecutor Maria Cristina Rota and investigators from the Guardia di Finanza. The investigation was launched to determine the cause of the high number of deaths during the first wave, there are other issues such as the pandemic plan that had not been updated since 2006 and which did not allow the country to respond adequately to the emergency at the national and regional level, in addition to also of the government’s resignation to establish the red zone in the Municipalities of Alzano Lombardo and Nembro at the end of February 2020 – among other things.

Val Seriana, Bergamo area, will go down in history for the number of deaths and infections from the Wuhan virus (here), the images of three years ago of army trucks full of coffins were immortalized and caused terror and fear in all countries of the world. A tragedy that according to the investigations of the prosecutors, could have been avoided.

The complaints made by the prosecutors about the non-application of the red zone were supported by the advice of microbiologist Andrea Crisanti , now a senator of the PD (Democratic Party), together with coroner Ernesto D’Aloja and former director of the ASL of Pavia Daniele Donati – all considered suspicious.

Recently, the prosecutor of Bergamo Antonio Chiappani , on the occasion of the opening of the judicial year, on January 28, had outlined the framework of the investigations to outline the extent of the investigative conclusions that “ found serious omissions in the assessment of pandemic risks and in the management of the first phase of the pandemic ”( here )

That is, in the spring of 2020, as Chiappani noted , when Covid-19 in the Bergamo area “ caused more than three thousand victims ” leaving only the established numbers, given that between the end of February and April 2020 the excess of mortality recorded in that area was 6,200 people compared to the average for the same period in previous years. According to Antonio Chiappani , at least 4000 people died due to errors made in the assessment, when they could have been saved. (here )

This news is light in the midst of darkness, for 3 years the relatives of the victims protested and pressured the Public Ministry of Bergamo so that the investigation was not archived ( here). All of them knew that they had been victims of a fatal mistake, which had cost the lives of their family members. That morning, February 2, 2023, dozens of families gathered in front of the Public Ministry in Piazza Dante, and the emotion was great.

Finally, a Public Ministry impartially reconstructed the Bergamo massacre (here ). Now, it remains to be hoped that justice will truly be done since the investigated politicians belong to the Italian left. A parliamentary commission of inquiry into the management of the health emergency has been set up and will aim to investigate the entire management of the pandemic, from relations with China, adverse effects of the vaccine and treatments that were considered “not effective”.

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