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Insanity that buries Brazilian prosperity and freedom

Insanidade que enterra a prosperidade e liberdade do brasileiro

I want to thank everyone who made a point of throwing this reality away just out of pettiness and cheap revenge.

The next government didn’t even come in, but it’s already changing laws, proposing to revoke privatizations, and is strong in rigging state-owned companies. The real “damned party” has already begun.

Lula has already made it clear that she did not come to rebuild anything, to unite anything, to propose anything. She doesn’t have the strength or age for that anymore.

There is NO move by the new president that refers to pacification, organization, or concern for our fiscal reality. None.

Lula came back just to take revenge, loot the coffers, and drink his last wines with his friends from the gang. Skinny rats are more restrained in front of the cheese on the platter.

With the judiciary and the media in his pocket, Lula is free to do whatever he wants with the accomplices who show up for service. If Gilmar Mendes runs, even Sergio Cabral will arrive in time.

As I predicted here, he even allows Cabralzinho to participate in the inauguration party, with the right to samba music at Kakay’s house, and with the illustrious presence of Xandão da toga.

The PT’s new passage through the government will be as quick and traumatic as an armed robbery. That’s because money has an end and thug happiness is short-lived.

However, the damage will take more than a decade to undo. Unfortunately, half of the old and decayed elite that protected Lula and was disgusted by “Bozo” will no longer be around to see the ruin they will bequeath to our uncertain future.
The damage will all fall in the lap of the younger ones who were deceived by them and by the press. Hell will have to open a new circle for last-minute and exempt lulistas.

The irresponsibility and stupidity of the elite that made the L can never be forgotten. The huge setback that the country will go through will have to be blamed on these people.

And whoever comes up to me with a little talk that “Lula is back because of Bolsonaro” I will send them to visit the easy-going mother who brought them into the world.

I do that and I still feel sorry for these poor women. No one deserves children that degenerate like that.

Political Opinion by Paulo Cursino - Redes Sociais
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