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In Brazil, nazi concentration camp

O campo de concentração brasileiro, a lista de Dino e o prisioneiro de Moraes

A real horror film caused by Brazilian nazi-communism in the 21st century

The concentration camp promoted illegally by the Minister of the Brazilian Supreme Court, Alexandre de Moraes, is analogous to the crimes against humanity of Nazi Germany and the Ukrainian Holodomor carried out by Stalin’s Soviet Union. It’s actually worse, because these crimes against humanity are being committed in the 21st century.

About 1,500 people were collectively arrested, trampling Brazil’s legal system and the international human rights pacts to which Brazil is a signatory. Without any legal basis, Moraes decreed a collective arrest, without even knowing the names of the people he was ordering to be arrested. It was enough to be wearing a green and yellow shirt and to be in front of the Brasília Headquarters to be taken to a prison-shaped concentration camp. With a lack of water, food, a suitable place to sleep, the environment is worse than a prison. More than thirty people were referred to the hospital after heart attacks, strokes and crises of hypertension or hypoglycemia.

Faced with these abuses, Minister Alexandre de Moraes, without any qualms, said in an interview that the prisoners would not be in a summer camp. The left, on social media, celebrates chaos. In a working group of Lula’s Ministry of Human Rights, one person dared to suggest that water be brought to the elderly prisoners as a humanitarian measure. And in response, he said that if she repeated that intention, she could receive a voice in prison, after all, Human Rights, for PT members, are not for everyone.

Communist tyranny tries to pass a veneer of legality to these absurdities by saying that such measures are to protect the Democratic State of Law, a term used in Cuba and Venezuela to disguise the crimes committed by tyrants who destroyed their countries. The crimes against humanity of the former Stalinnist Soviet Union were transferred to Brazil in the middle of the 21st century from a former USSR to a URSAL – Union of Socialist Republics of Latin America. What seemed crazy from former congressman Cabo Daciolo, seems to be becoming true in a hostile environment in which children were arrested. Even dogs were detained and are without food in the Moraes concentration camp and on the Dino list, promoted by the current minister of justice in the Lula government, the communist Flávio Dino.

After illegally arresting thousands of people, Moraes decreed the arrest of the former minister of justice in the Bolsonaro government and former Security Secretary of the Federal District government, Anderson Torres, in addition to the arrest of the commander of the Military Police of the DF and the removal of the governor. Ibaneiz, elected by popular vote.

The world needs to know that in Brazil the Supreme Court established a judicial dictatorship in which the STF became a registry office to stamp the freedom of criminals and arrest innocents. Censorship in Brazil walks by leaps and bounds. Anyone who dares to disagree with the mechanism has their social networks blocked in flagrant prior censorship. Well, a society where there is censorship is far from a true democracy.

The international community has difficulty understanding how there can be political prisoners who supported the Bolsonaro government. The explanation is simple, but complex: The left ruled even with Bolsonaro in power, through precautionary measures requested by leftist parties and granted in less than 24 hours by STF ministers, who usurped the powers of both the executive and legislative branches. Bolsonaro, one of Brazil’s greatest statesmen, was ousted from power by a corrupt system that struggled to not have an auditable voting system in the country with public vote counting.

Amidst the chaos ensued in the days of this new government, which had a bandit convicted in three instances catapulted from jail to the position of President of the Republic, Brazil is experiencing a moment of social upheaval that exploded after the demonstrations on January 8 in which there was destruction of the buildings of the three powers.

The investigative journalism nucleus of PoderDF found that Lula’s justice minister, Flávio Dino, knew that there would be a possibility of depredation of public property 48 hours before the event. Strangely, the Ministries esplanade, which was closed until Saturday (7), was released at dawn on the fateful Sunday (8). And even with dino’s knowledge, the national guard did not stop the PM, or even try to stop people from entering Congress.

In addition, there are videos that reveal that there were already people inside the Chamber of Deputies wearing black, who had nothing to do with the patriots who peacefully demonstrated in the last four years without breaking anything. In other words, it was all a big setup by the left itself, but they created a monster that they couldn’t control and they blamed the elderly, women and even children. Senator Marcos do Val, the first to raise this thesis, unfortunately has the sepulchral silence of conservative deputies and senators, elected with the seal of approval of Bolsonaro.

In some cases, even with a monopoly on the captain’s name. The system adapts to the system, and these same parliamentarians are already flirting with the centrão and ignoring the suffering of the people who elected them. The only hope of the Brazilian people, for now, is the people themselves. Wet eyes, bent knees and people singing and praying. It was the crime committed by these valiant patriots who were betrayed by the high command of the Brazilian Army who handed them over to the police like sheep going to sacrifice.

Even in the face of this Nazi-communist tragedy promoted by the left and by the Brazilian Supreme Court, the Brazilian people have hope in transforming Brazil. Our country is the last wall between the world and communism. And the resistance of this unstoppable people is based on moral values, which are rooted in the hearts and minds of this people who never give up. Share this opinion article written by this journalist Oswaldo Eustáquio, in self-exile after the fifth prison decree for issuing an opinion and speaking the truth, remembering that three of these warrants were fulfilled and in the third, this journalist was brutally beaten and tortured in jail. he walked in and left in a wheelchair simply for defending the values of the Kingdom of God and defending the Bolsonaro government.

Concentration camp in Brazil

Media is the main tool for destruction
People without knowledge destroy themselves
Money and power pays off for those who take advantage
Power, through misery, is more valuable than the prosperity of nations

The Brazilian people ask for our help

The system is taking over the world, and Brazil today is the great example for all countries that are still in the process, slowly. Experts warn that Brazil will be destroyed in less than 1 year. No war in history has been so destructive...

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