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Fraud took many forms, in many ways – Elections in Brazil 2022

Fraude naS Eleições do Brasil. Fraud in the Brazilian Elections

They used urns manufactured in 2020 and urns from before 2020. New urns can be audited. The old urns, no.
The old ones were sent, mainly, to cities in the interior of the northeast.
These old ballot boxes appeared mostly with ZERO votes for Bolsonaro in sessions. In the new urn this did not happen.

They discovered that the ballot boxes have at least 2 software (2 source codes) with a different algorithm that limits the number of votes for 22 (Bolsonaro) and releases for 13 (Lula), that is, the source code already made the change in the urn itself.

On March 21, 2019, a group of federal judges and judges traveled to Curitiba to express support and solidarity with Lula, participating in the so-called “Free Lula Vigil”.
Yea! The Brazilian people had to see judges sensitized with a highly dangerous thief, who had stolen TRILLIONS from these people.

“Politician who steals millions, KILLS millions. He is NOT corrupt. HE IS GENOCIDE”

To overthrow Bolsonaro, an opponent was needed. That’s why they took Lula out of jail, annulled his conviction and returned his political rights, making him ELIGIBLE.
We are talking about the political, corrupt and communist partnership of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil

They prevented any and all actions that would guarantee transparency in voting and counting, the much-discussed auditable vote. The high point of this was the visit of ministers Barroso and Alexandre de Moraes to the Federal Chamber to pressure the replacement of committee chairmen, which was decisive for the project not to pass.
On that day, that sad passage was recorded with the eternalized speech.
“Elections are not won, they are TAKEN”

Bolsonaro and his media were even banned from speaking truths such as:
Lula was convicted;
Lula was not acquitted;
Lula has connections with criminal factions;
Lula is the head of a criminal organization.

The PM was prevented from carrying out operations against traffickers.
PRF was prevented from inspecting exit polls and buying votes.
PF was barred from investigating fraudulent surveys.

Alexandre de Moraes led a wide surveillance network against good information, carrying out PREVIOUS censorship in communication vehicles, decreeing official arrests, demonetization of channels and persecution of activists and supporters of Bolsonaro.

The Electoral Justice in the States engaged in systemic fraud, monitoring even voluntary militancy, ordering the removal of posters, billboards, car stickers, even the Brazilian flag had its use curtailed.

A tank of pure nitroglycerine fell over Brazil!
The most serious fact was not the result itself, but the VIOLABILITY OF THE VOTE.
The Source Code contains all the information, voter by voter: when they voted, where they voted, who they voted for.

The fraud took several forms.

There are more than 70 pages in PDF, of the audit carried out by the FFAA, reporting funds in the electronic voting machines, which were forwarded to the competent authorities.

Eduardo Bolsonaro, on a trip to Qtar, where FIFA representatives from all over the world were there, handed these representatives a pendrive with all the facts and evidence, so that the WORLD would know what is happening in our Brazil

Neither Jair nor anyone else would be able to win an election like that!

Everything was meticulously monitored. Reports have already been sent to various bodies and governments.
They have already been sent to international communication institutions. Everyone can review.
The main newspapers and magazines in the world have already received it. Also the UN, NATO, CIA, FBI,…
It is a complete dossier of the actions here in Brazil, including the STF.


The same Federal Supreme Court of Brazil, which had full control of the 2022 Elections, putting Lula back in the presidency, was the same Court that condemned him in all instances, for fraud and corruption. Today this is considered the biggest corrupt the planet has ever seen, with all his accomplices back at the crime scene. ALL OF THEM were acquitted by the same courts, and distributed among the ministries of the new government. Many already consider the end of Brazil, by the communist mafia and drug trafficking, always in partnership.


Drug trafficker showing how drug trafficking works in partnership with the governments of Brazil, except with President Bolsonaro (he was in the way of partnerships)

Lula created a kleptocratic government:

Alexandre de Moraes (Federal Supreme Court), accuses Lula of corruption:

Minister Barroso (Federal Supreme Court), accuses Lula of corruption:


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