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Brazilian Army and the Non-Order of the Day (1964 victory against communism)

The Army commander, a month in advance, decided that he would not publish the Order of the Day in reference to March 31, 1964. This decision brings us back to the Unfortunate Palpite, by the immortal Noel Rosa: “Who are you who doesn’t know what to do? he says / Oh my God, what an unfortunate guess… The Vila is an independent city / That plays samba but doesn’t want to take a patent /
Why call someone who doesn’t know / Where is your nose? /Who are you that you don’t know what you’re saying?”

*By coincidence (?)*, the general who leaks the PT’s repudiation of the commemorations of the Redeeming Counter-Revolution of March 31, 1964 – when the people took to the streets in the iconic Marches of the Family with God for Freedom that gathered in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo millions of Brazilians dissatisfied with the strides taken by those who intended to implant communism in Brazil – he informed that he will opt for silence.

On that March 31, 1964, the general who today refuses to express the gratitude of Brazilians to those who did not conform to the replacement of the green and yellow of our flag by the red one with the hammer and sickle was less than four years old.

Today, after so many decades, the general who chose to disdain history, intends to erase the deeds that made the Army great until the 9th of February last, when, inexplicably, he ignored the people who, hopeful, knocked at his doors in search of a friendly hand and a strong arm and handed him over, hand kissed, to the guards.

The general has the right to remain silent, but the people have the right not to forget historical facts!

Pitiful, deeply pitiful.

This Non-Order of the Day, expressing the voice of those who have no voice in these dark days, is intended to ensure the continuation of the free expression of thought contained in the Constitution of the Republic and to pay homage to those, civilians and military, who 59 years, occupying avenues, streets and squares, dignified the homeland.

The Brazilian people*
(Pass it on, by the millions)

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