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280 children and adolescents make a ‘gender transition’

280 crianças e adolescentes fazem ‘transição de gênero’ - Fim dos Tempos

Of the minors, 100 are children between 4 and 12 years old and 180 are adolescents between 13 and 17 years old.

The gender transition carried out by the SUS, at the Hospital das Clínicas (HC) of the University of São Paulo (USP), has been sought after by those who identify as LGBT.

Currently, a total of 380 people who identify as trans — 100 adults, 180 teenagers and 100 children — are undergoing hormone treatment with puberty blockade, cross-matching and sex reassignment surgeries. All procedures are free.

It is worth mentioning that the children who were exposed to the aggressive treatment are between 4 and 12 years old and are being supported by their parents. Adolescents are between 13 and 17 years old and the others are adults aged 18 and over.

“It is not honest that children are used as guinea pigs”

Christian psychologist and specialist in human sexuality, Marisa Lobo, has been one of the warning voices about the influence of gender ideology on children and families.

In a column published in Guiame, she warned that “childhood is a period where there is a great development of the child. Affective relationships are generated in childhood, like a good part of their conception of life”.

“As mental health professionals, we have to be honest and clarify that these children are not yet psychologically mature enough to be considered adolescents, or adults, so education must be differentiated and protective”, she argues.

“With that, I want to point out that even with the physical size of a teenager, care must be taken with the content taught to a child who does not have the emotional and psychological maturity to absorb any information, especially sexual information”, she warned.

“It is not honest that, in order to fit theories, ideologies of adults, children are used as guinea pigs”, she continued.


The mother of “Gustavo Queiroga”, said that she realized that her daughter was a trans child at the age of 2: “He always rejected everything that was feminine”, she said.

“I felt very insecure, that I don’t have reliable people, but I had my mother, my family. That one day, I would get what I wanted. And I did it,” said the now 8-year-old.

Gustavo is accompanied by the Hospital das Clínicas which, according to Jaciana Batista de Lima, currently has a very long waiting list. Gustavo’s gender transition began at the age of 4, at the Transdisciplinary Outpatient Clinic for Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation (Amtigos) at USP’s HC.

The trans boy, who was biologically born a girl, lives with his mother and family in São Paulo. The mother’s speech, which visibly influences the child, revolves around the fight for equality, citing the recognition of the new name and the use of bathrooms in schools.

There are other reports about the change of sex, in the G1 article. Among them, the twins Sofia Albuquerck and Mayla Phoebe, who paid to have the body suitable for the gender with which they identify: the female. One of them says that she was abused in childhood, but during her testimony, she said “we are born like this”, when referring to transgenderism.

dangerous drugs

According to a report by G1, the demand for care in the public health network is so great that Amtigos was forced to suspend screenings in November 2022, as it was unable to meet the demand.

“There is a possibility that they will be held again from February this year”, reported the vehicle.

By Brazilian law, the operation for sexual adequacy can only be performed on adults over 18 years old. This is the last step in the transition or follow-up process.

In trans men, in addition to the removal of the breasts and uterus, the female genitalia can be modified to approximate a male sexual organ. In trans women, there is the possibility of removing the penis and transforming it into a kind of vagina.

The vehicle does not report, however, that during the “hormone treatment” drugs equivalent to those used in cases of cancer are administered, that blocking puberty is harmful to bone growth and that the surgeries that mutilate these young people are irreversible and leave horrible scars. .

Guiame has already reported in another publication that a US public body has warned about the use of dangerous drugs used for gender transition that have already caused more than 6,000 deaths.

In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) removed transsexuality from the list of mental disorders of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) and started to be considered a “condition”. Despite this, it remains in the CID, but in a category called “sexual health”.


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